Tools to Help You Stay Organized

Specialize a Space

In your car, office, home, and wherever else you might be during a crisis, specialize a space for your emergency supplies. Have a bag in your car or office, and designate a pantry, shelf, or other area at home for emergency water and food rations and other supplies.


Contain It

When storing food, make sure that all items are safely and hygienically contained in airtight bags or containers. Have extra containers on standby for any cans, boxes, or bags that are opened for use. Keep everything as neatly contained as possible so you can keep track of and locate items you need.


Label It

Label all of your supplies clearly. When an emergency occurs, you might not have the time or frame of mind to dig through a mess to look for small items. Label items with expiration dates and “date opened” so that you can avoid waste and keep supplies fresh.


Maintain It

Save time, money, and trouble by maintaining all of your hard-earned organization. You need everything as clean as possible, and rotate supplies so nothing is expired when you need it most.

A little organization can go a long way, especially in an emergency situation. You can boost your preparations by following these tips and ideas for organizing your emergency plans and supplies.

Here is a quick video that will help you get started with a plan.

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